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Can't create ID3DXFileSaveData

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The TID_WalkableTiles_Data GUID is defined using DEFINE_GUID

followed by a series of bytes



AddDataObject error (Data) is displayed




Any quick fix for me?



ID3DXFile* tileFile = NULL;
    HRESULT hr = D3DXFileCreate(&tileFile);


    // save tiles information
    tileFile->RegisterTemplates((void*)D3DRM_XTEMPLATES, D3DRM_XTEMPLATE_BYTES);
    if (SUCCEEDED(tileFile->RegisterTemplates(WalkableTilesTemplate, strlen(WalkableTilesTemplate))))

        ID3DXFileSaveObject* xFileSave = NULL;
        if (SUCCEEDED(tileFile->CreateSaveObject("D:\\tiles.x", D3DXF_FILESAVE_TOFILE, D3DXF_FILEFORMAT_TEXT, &xFileSave)))

            ID3DXFileSaveData *xFileSaveRoot = NULL;            
            if (SUCCEEDED(xFileSave->AddDataObject(TID_D3DRMFrame, "Root", NULL, 0, NULL, &xFileSaveRoot)))

                DWORD size = 2 * sizeof(float) + sizeof(bool);

                //while (1) {
                DWORD x = 0;
                DWORD z = 0;
                bool walkable = false;

                // get data from navmesh

                size_t* pbData = new size_t[3];

                pbData[0] = x;
                pbData[1] = z;
                pbData[2] = walkable;

                ID3DXFileSaveData *pRootTransform = NULL;
                if (SUCCEEDED(xFileSaveRoot->AddDataObject(TID_WalkableTiles_Data,
                    "WalkableTiles", NULL, size, pbData, &pRootTransform))) {
                else {
                    cout << "AddDataObject error (Data)" << endl;

            else {
                cout << "AddDataObject error " << endl;

        else {
            cout << "CreateSaveObject Error " << endl;
        cout << "RegisterTemplates error " << endl;
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