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Expression: vector iterators incompatible

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No idea what's causing this.   I've searched google, and found absolutely no solutions as my problem was unique to every google result I came across.

/* Cloud structure */
struct cloud_t
    struct vec2_t<float>    pos;
    float                   vel;


/* Add a cloud to the list */
    struct cloud_t c;
    c.pos.v[0] = -160.0f;
    c.pos.v[1] = (float) m_rng.random( int( bounds.v[1] - 120 ) );
    c.vel = (float) m_rng.random(5)+1;


std::vector<cloud_t>::iterator c = m_clouds.begin();
    while( c != m_clouds.end() )
        c->pos.v[0] += c->vel * m_speed_factor * m_delta_speed;
        if( c->pos.v[0] >= bounds.v[0] )

How could this NOT work?  It works just fine on XCode, but in Visual Studio, it gives me a runtime error (see title) in debug mode.  It doesn't show up in Release builds, but I'm not stupid enough to ignore it.  Any ideas?  Thanks.




EDIT: Nevermind.  I didn't realize I forgot to do this:


c = m_clouds.erase(c);

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