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DCOM - Access Is Denied

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Hello there, im currently doing an application that requires DCOM but keep getting the Access Is Denied error The app is as follows A Windows Executable with an Automated COM object done in delphi 5 - created in the following way New Application Add New -> ActiveX -> COM Object ( this is marked as OleAutomation) Method created in type library editor Application Compiled The application is copied onto the remote computer and executed to register the com interface. I then run DCOMCNFG.EXE and set the security access for everyone to Full Control ,and have also set Full Control to everyone on the directory the executable resides in. I then try to create the object using function TdmGCCMain.CheckConnection: Boolean; var ..oServerChecker: IRemoteServerExecutor; ..iRunning: Integer; begin ..oServerChecker := CoIRemoteServerExecutor.CreateRemote(g_ServerName); ..oServerChecker.QueryIsRunning(iRunning); ..Result := iRunning <> 0; end; if g_servername is my machine name the com object is created and everything works ok but if it is the remote machine then i get access is denied. Hope it makes sense. Thanks in advance Mark

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