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Dusters - Your Feedback Wanted

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Hi Everyone,

DESPERATELY seeking feedback on my new game, Dusters.



In a post apocalyptic wasteland, sentient machines have taken over the earth. Humanity survives, hidden in the ruins, and must scavenge to survive.

Dusters is developed in Gamemaker Studio for Windows OS.


Key Features

    Design your own underground base. Build Dormitories, Armouries and Research Labs.
    Gather resources and rescue personnel from the surface to expand your base.
    Battle in real time for control of the map
    Upgrade and Customise your vehicles and weaponry from scavenged resources.
    Craft new Vehicle Hull's, Weapons, Engines and Armor









Thanks for reading, I look forward to your comments. (even just "this sucks" - still feedback right?)

Edited by Highlandcoo

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I like it! I'm looking forward to their being some sound on the world map when out collecitng. The car can feel a little bit clunky to drive and when you drive next to a crater or a rock it can be tedious moving away from the obstacle. Also whenever I pressed 'V' to tow a resource it instantly dropped it again so I couldn't tow it back to base :(. However, I like it and I feel this could become a really fun and tense game! :)

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Ahha! Sorry for the bug Mark - resolved and uploaded to the current build.


I also made some tweaks to driving physics. This is a real work in progress - operating the vehicles is CENTRAL to the game. It MUST BE FUN! I DEMAND FUN! :)


Oh and yeah I'll get some sound effects into the RT combat phase asap.




- prevent attempting pickup of resource within radius of airstrike then starting an airstrike *FIXED
- reduce length of time for airstrike *DONE
- add a mix of enemies to the airstrike *DONE
- enemies need to spawn more frequently AND further away during airstrike *DONE
- change main menu "newgame" to "tutorial" *DONE
- hitting V when only carrying passengers should not show a "cargo dropped" hint *DONE
- scanner enemies need to stop moving when paused *DONE
- cancel weapon overheating when temp is < 10% total * DONE
- corrected collision masks for the player vehicle *DONE
- updated driving physics *DONE
* increased acceleration
* decreased friction from the terrain
* prevented the CURRENT turning speed remaining the same in the event you switch rapidly from left>right or vice versa
- resolved an issue that prevented picking up metal resources *FIXED

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No worries! As you said it's still early days and you're on fire taking out those bugs! Ha ha. I'll keep an eye on its development smile.png. Where's the best place to stay up to date? You should start a dev blog here or something! smile.png

Edited by Mark Lock

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Thanks Mark! I try to post regular updates on my indieDB page.


But honestly? Suggestions are welcome! I don't know whether to simply quickly build my own website and blog there, or add devblogs as news items on the major sites (Tig, IndieDB, etc).


The flip side is I dont want to get stuck updating 5 different sites!

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You should most definitely have your own site + blog. You need to 100% own and control all of your content surrounding your game and people need to be able to find you. All that stuff you will be posting will become a valuable resource. As you said, it'll be an absolute pain in the arse updating it across multiple platforms.


I'll PM you because I feel I could help you! :)

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