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Global Wobble - Feedback Wanted

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Hello all,

I want to ask your help about the progress of the Global Wobble development. GW is a low-poly style 4X Strategy about industrialization and surviving natural and man-made global disasters caused by your species. As the only species on the planet you need to develop to protect yourself and the planet from natural catastrophes while avoiding causing others with uncontrolled development. If you develop too quickly you pollute the environment too much result?ng a permanent damage on the planet you are living on. If you develop too slow the natural disasters and wars will eventually get you.

In terms of game style, GW is a mixture of EU4 and Civ5 with an environmentalist twist. Select cities, build farms, factories and etc to sustain life.


I would like to ask for your opinions and advice on how you think GW could be better, especially on graphics, controls, and bugs if any? (ie. color palette, scrolling speed, any glitch) But suggestions are welcome in terms of gameplay or music as well.

For the current alpha: You can scroll the planet and select cities to see the production info.
(tested on IE8)

screenshots are attached if the webplayer fails.


Thank you so much for your feedback!

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