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oTakhi Platform: Destruction by Voronoi Shattering

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We are pleased to announce our latest feature, Real-Time Voronoi Shatter and Fracture, for our cloud-based application and game development platform.  This is the only known WebGL implementation.
(1) It is based on Boolean Intersect of Constructive Solid Geometry (CSG) and can be used to shatter wide array of geometries.
(2) The generated fragments preserve the original UV coordinates on the mesh.
(3) The engine runs on worker thread and has minimum impact on app performance.
(4) Capable of both uniform and cone-shaped voronoi point distribution to simulate realistic impact shattering.
Here is a short video introduction.
oTakhi Platform is a cloud-based game development platform.  Developers use top-down object-oriented design patterns to wrap lower level codes (Javacript, WebGL shader code, and emscripten-compiled c/c++ code) into reusable components and assemble them into applications in our visual editor using mostly drag and drop.
Visit our video archive to see what is possible on the web today.

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