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Custom memory allocator with Polymorphism

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?I write two custom memory allocators because I thought that my problem was from memory pool,but when I test a new type of custom memory allocation I realize that my problem is from classes inheritance.
I have a base class IComponent you can see code below:

virtual ~IComponent() {}
    #pragma region Setter
       void SetActive(bool _active) { this->m_active = _active; }
       void SetName(const char * _name) { this->m_name = _name; }
    #pragma endregion
    #pragma region Getter
       bool GetActive() const { return this->m_active; }
       const char * GetName() const { return this->m_name; }
    #pragma endregion
       virtual void Initialize(Actor * _owner) = 0;
       virtual void Update(const AngelSubSystem::TimeManager &timer) = 0;
       virtual void Render() = 0;
       Actor* GetOwner()             { return this->m_owner; }
       void SetOwner(Actor * _owner)          { this->m_owner = _owner; }
       bool      m_active;
       const char *    m_name;
       Actor *     m_owner;

And I have a component name GUIText that inherit from this class:

  virtual void Initialize(ActorPtr _owner) override;
  virtual void Update(const AngelSubSystem::TimeManager &timer) override;
  virtual void Render() override;
  Vector3 *               m_position;
  Vector3 *               m_scalling;
  Vector3 *               m_rotation;

some code omitted.
when I use my custom allocator like blow I got this error:

     Access violation reading location 0xCDCDCDD1

this->m_componentMemory = new AngelMemory::LinearAllocator();
    GUIText * t = reinterpret_cast<GUIText*>(this->m_componentMemory->Allocate(sizeof(GUIText)));

I find my problem that it is from inheritance and polymorphism but my question is how I can fix this?

Here is my custom allocator:

 void AngelCore::AngelMemory::LinearAllocator::Init(size_t size)
         this->m_currentPos = malloc(size);
         this->m_size = size;
         this->m_numAllocation = 0;
         this->m_usedMemory = 0;
        void *AngelCore::AngelMemory::LinearAllocator::Allocate(size_t size)
         void *address = m_currentPos;
         this->m_usedMemory += size;
    return (void*)address;


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C++ objects MUST be constructed before they can be used.
You can use "placement new" to construct an object within an existing memory allocation.
You should also manually call the destructor when releasing the object.
GUIText * t = new(this->m_componentMemory->Allocate(sizeof(GUIText), alignof(GUIText))) GUIText(this);

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