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DDS files and transparency, with DirectX

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  Hi there GameDev.net forum posters,


   This is my first post here, and I hope my problem isn't too mundane to merit a response from some of you pros.


    I am editing a texture in photoshop, the dimensions of the file are 2048 x 2048 pixels. I am dividing the texture into 256 pixel squares so I can animate a grass animation within my engine. 


I am on photoshop cs6, with the nvidia texture plugin. 


Here is what I am usually looking at for a texture.     post-231819-0-43388100-1440275029_thumb.



When I try to save as a .DDS file, i select DXT5 format, disable mipmapping, and when I preview the texture, I get this.





I looked around, and I guess I'm suppose to have an alpha mask channel in my photoshop file. so I do that, select the texture and remove that from the alpha. Still when I try to save the dds texture, I end up like this




I've tried different formats DXT3, ARGB 256 colors + alpha, but I just cant get the desired result.


If I save it as a .PNG file, I end up with a texture that I would like.    post-231819-0-74450200-1440275407_thumb.


   But when I save as a .PNG file, and load the texture into my engine using the call.


result = CreateWICTextureFromFileEx(device,filesnames.c_str(), 0u, D3D11_USAGE_STAGING,

0, D3D11_CPU_ACCESS_WRITE | D3D11_CPU_ACCESS_READ, 0, false, &srcTex, nullptr);


I end up with the same ugly textures being rendered in the engine.


Any help or guidance would be appreciated.




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What are you using to preview the images?

When you save the texture, it has to put *something* into the RGB channels for the transparent pixels. You don't have any colour data there in photoshop, so the exporter is inventing data for you. This shouldn't be a problem as long as you render the texture using alpha blending. It just looks like your preview tool isn't using alpha blending...

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Thanks for your help Hodgman,


      I didn't know that the saved texture didn't have to look like it matched the initial image as long as you were using alpha blending.  Turns out it was a problem in my pixel shader where I was using the line


color.a = input.instanceTransparency;       


where I should have been using


color.a -= input.instanceTransparency;


Thx again for the quick reply and insight into how these files are processed.

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