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How to draw a Thumb

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I''m trying to draw the tumb in a Trackbar . But the Image always appears on the back of the Trackbar.Here is the code I use . case WM_NOTIFY:{ LPNMLISTVIEW pnm = (LPNMLISTVIEW)lParam; LPNMCUSTOMDRAW lpTrack = (LPNMCUSTOMDRAW)lParam; if(wParam == ID_TRACKBAR){ if(lpTrack->hdr.code == 4294967284){ if(lpTrack->dwDrawStage == CDDS_PREPAINT) return CDRF_NOTIFYITEMDRAW; if(lpTrack->dwDrawStage == CDDS_ITEM | CDDS_PREPAINT){ if(lpTrack->dwItemSpec == TBCD_THUMB) BitBlt(lpTrack->hdc,0,0,20,20,hMemDC,0,0,SRCCOPY); } } } }

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