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What game engine would you recommend?

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What game engine would you recommend, for developing a 3D fighting game similar to the one's below?









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OK I'll take the bait..


I'd recommend Unity.  Its free, theres lots of tutorials, there's lots of sample code, theres lots of assets and it has a large friendly comunity.   There are multiple choices of scripting languages that you can use and I've even seen tutorials and books out there that teach programming through the use of Unity.


Of course somebody could come along and argue that Unreal has all of these things too.


Of course you could just download the engines and try them yourself which is going to be a much better way of finding out if they fit your needs.

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XNA and Monogame are great starting frameworks. They can accomplish practically anything that a lower-level

language can at a fraction (still absolutely ages) of the time, at the expense of some optimization. When I say that, though,

you'd still easily be able to make a game of that graphical quality, if not a lot better, without most modern

GPUs even breaking a sweat.


Unity is a step up from that and becomes even easier to work with at a slightly higher processing expense.


How experienced are you, though? I don't want to be a buzzkill, but 3D is VERY difficult for the inexperienced

programmer (and difficult for the experienced ones, too). Make sure you have a very solid understanding of general

game programming and 2D graphics before diving into something like this. A project of this caliber will likely come down

to your own programming skills above all else.


Also, it's worth asking yourself whether 3D will add to the experience:

-Will adding an extra dimension to the game be vital to the type of game? (Probably)

-Will adding this huge web of complexity pay off in terms of fun? (No idea)

-Do I have a 3D modeler with weeks/months of free time? (Probably not!)

-Do I have an animator with weeks/months of free time? (Probably not!)

-Do I have someone who can texture the 3D models for me? (Probably not!)


It's also worth noting that your main source of currency is basically time. With good programming practice,

you want to be applying the least amount of time and yielding the most playability and depth out of your game.

It's a golden ratio that shows that a good, solid, game idea triumphs over an overly ambitious one. You could

spend weeks/months getting 3D characters to crudely hit another one, and it might look like pants, when

in comparison, you could have animated multiple 2D characters and given them some mighty-fine polishing,

or created the next Tetris from simply having brilliant starting foundation. Just some food for thought! :)

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