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Collision detection in 3D and what to do when you collide

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Hello all! I am trying to cme to grips with collision detection. I am somewhat new at 3D-game programming and I wonder how most FPS-type games set up the collision detection. The engine that i am using only support axis-aligned bounding boxes, spheres and lines. I am using a sphere around the top part of the character (from head to the knees roughly) and I push back the character along the direction of the closest point of all the triangles that is colliding with the sphere. After that I have a line that extends from the head down to the feet. This line pushes the character up so the feet are above the ground. With theese two intersection primitives I manage ok in a very simple world. But since I only translate away from one poly every frame I sort of "bounce" between corners for example. How do the rest of you process collisions with characters for instance? I would really appreciate if you guys could help out me and my classmates. Thans a milliion! // Daniel

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