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OpenGL DirectX for WinRT tutorials?

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I've been searching high and low for some tutorials on how to get up to speed with Windows RT dev for DirectX.  Been searching on google for weeks, and nothing comes up (do I have the wrong keywords?).  Now, I do know DirectX in general and have written my own engine which has Direct3D11 support in it already.  I need to port my game to WinRT (Surface and Windows Phone), but I can never seem to find anything on how to get started on that.  Microsoft has a DirectX template, but it's a bit hard for me to follow because it's as if in order to understand it, you have to understand how the API for Windows RT works ahead of time.


I will make note of one thing.  My game uses OpenGL [ES] and OpenAL since was previously designed to be cross platform for iOS, Android, Blackberry, MacOSX and Win32.  I have libANGLE and OpenAL-Soft, and I've already ported my game to use Direct3D under windows with libANGLE (thanks to Hodgman), and I also have an XAudio2 port of OpenAL-Soft for WinRT.  Regardless of this, I still need to learn how the windowing system and how events are handled, as well as how Direct3D for WinRT should respond to those events.


Any links or books?  Thanks.



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