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Dark Side Of windows UpDate?mmmmmm

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Man one of them days to day. I was all set to start a new part of code had some free time.


Got a basic class noting much simple thought I'll give the game a run and bam. A unhandled exception in Bla

go check out bla which is a call to a

ID3D10EffectShaderResourceVariable->SetResource(0); video card saying its NULL the debugger says its good and allocated. I remove the call run program works, scratch me head till all mey hair fell out.

Looked into the shader all value set fine no errors.


6 hours later I think to check and reinstall drivers did it ran the program and it all worked. Why.

what did the last update do, I'm not even sure there was a update from friday to monday.

Last worked on friday. no just checked only Security Essentials last update was 13/08/15 thats was theres day come to think about it that may have been the last good run of the game. mmmph34r.png

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