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OpenGL Question about GL_VERTEX_PROGRAM_NV

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Hi there!

I know that my question is from the previous century but I want to clarify it. Suppose I have vertex program (from manual)


# c[0-3] = modelview projection (composite) matrix
# c[4-7] = modelview inverse transpose
# c[32] = normalized eye-space light direction (infinite light)
# c[33] = normalized constant eye-space half-angle vector (infinite viewer)
# c[35].x = pre-multiplied monochromatic diffuse light color & diffuse material
# c[35].y = pre-multiplied monochromatic ambient light color & diffuse material
# c[36] = specular color
# c[38].x = specular power
# outputs homogenous position and color
DP4 o[HPOS].x, c[0], v[OPOS];
DP4 o[HPOS].y, c[1], v[OPOS];
DP4 o[HPOS].z, c[2], v[OPOS];
DP4 o[HPOS].w, c[3], v[OPOS];
DP3 R0.x, c[4], v[NRML];
DP3 R0.y, c[5], v[NRML];
DP3 R0.z, c[6], v[NRML]; # R0 = n' = transformed normal
DP3 R1.x, c[32], R0; # R1.x = Lpos DOT n'
DP3 R1.y, c[33], R0; # R1.y = hHat DOT n'
MOV R1.w, c[38].x; # R1.w = specular power
LIT R2, R1; # Compute lighting values
MAD R3, c[35].x, R2.y, c[35].y; # diffuse + emissive
MAD o[COL0].xyz, c[36], R2.z, R3; # + specular

Code is clear to me, question is about parameters. First 8 (c[0]-c[7]) are 'tracked' by glTrackMatrixNV. What about the others? I can load them using glProgramParameter4fNV but I wonder if there is a natural way to track these parameters cause all of them are already given to OpenGL?

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