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Kjell Andersson

FBX Import scaling

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I'm trying to use the Autodesk FBXSDK to do import of 3D objects in FBX format.


I have trouble applying the local scaling of mesh nodes in the scene tree during rendering.

When I create a cube in Blender and scale it down to say 0.35 of its size and export it as FBX 6.1 ASCII, I get a fbxNode->LclScaling value of 0.35 when I import it in my code using the SDK. However, if I export as FBX 7.4 binary format in Blender I get a LclScaling value on the mesh node that is 35.0.


Is there any unit scaling factor I need to take into consideration when importing the scaling in my code?

And in such case, where do I pick this out using the SDK?


It is not the m_scene->GetGlobalSettings().GetSystemUnit().GetScaleFactor() that is different between the exported formats because it is 1.0 in both cases.

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New insight... The scaling is different on the two different formats. When opened in for example Unity or Visual Studio, the objects do have a scaling difference of 100.


I found an option for the Binary FBX exporter in Blender though that says "Apply Unit" that if it is unchecked sets the UnitScaleFactor in the FBX file, which makes the m_scene->GetGlobalSettings().GetSystemUnit().GetScaleFactor() report a value of 100.


This means that:







can be run to have the nodes change their Local Scaling values.


Problem solved.

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