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d language regex question

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So, I'm going through some code, and here is the problem.


To match something like this:



this regex is used:


regex(r"^(?P<host>.+?)->(?P<log>(?:\/[\w\.\-]+)+)(?P<ip>)$", "i");



Basically, i need to translate that regex into a c++11 regex. However, I am a little confused about the P and V letters, and the words inside tags (host, log,ip)


Anyone have any idea about their role?


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Have you tried searching for "d language regex", I get some promising looking guides to the regex syntax that D uses.

For example, it says here:

(?P<name>regex): Matches named subexpression regex labeling it with name 'name'. When referring to a matched portion of text, names work like aliases in addition to direct numbers.

It looks like it is a nice way to refer to the match later, but it would appear that C++ regexes did not get this feature. Edited by rip-off

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