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[ Devlog ] Racketboy : Shoot'em up Block breaking mashup!

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Greetings ,everyone!!
My name is Lucas,and I'm here representing Double Dash Studios! We are a small dev team from Brazil,and we're working on a game that mixes block breakers and shmup elements. The game was developed in 72 Hours for the Indies VS Gamers game jam that happened from July 17-20 , but the product turned out pretty fine,and we intend on turning it into a full game. 
We ended up getting 1st place on the jam! there was an amazing response from players and devs during the jam.
So let me tell you a bit about the project! 
First of all,you can play it here 
Or just watch Markiplier's awesome let's play
RacketBoy is a mix of cute 'em up and block breaking games.
Unable to shoot, you can only count on your trusty laser racket to bounce back enemy attacks. 
The game starts up feeling more like a block breaker than a Shmup,but difficulty ramps up with time. 
you get closer to a small bullet hell after a little gameplay time.
And on it goes!! This is the first version of the game,with very little time of work put into it,but we want to start from here and make it into a full product. We're thinking of the commercial version with a decent ammount of levels,giving an arcade feeling to it, a good level of challenge,boss battles and trying to explore the bullet-returning mechanics as well as possible , while maintaining a Cute 'em up nature to it.
And with that, I need your help, guys smile.png
We've opened our Indiegogo campaign, as well as placed the game on Greenlight, and are collecting feedback and support from people who are interested in the project!
Please feel free to play the game , leave us some replies with whatever you think of it,and it will be of great help to us. We will be working as much as possible to make this project better , and we really hope you enjoy it! 
Also, I'm leaving you with an example of a boss, check it out biggrin.png
Back us up on IndieGogo, we're trying to get the funds to create our commercial version faster! help us by spreading the word or contributing, it's up to you smile.png
And you can give us a hand on Greenlight too smile.png
Thanks a lot for the attention,and I hope to hear from you guys!

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