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Froton X

Game art, title design and character design

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Hey, I'm Fradno, haven't posted in about a year and 6 months, which is actually the amount of free time and more time I've spent working on this game{working on it for 1 year and 9 months}.


Anyway, through out development of Rayburst, I've changed the title logo several times. The initial prototype of the game was called Burstblade, and used retro style graphics. Eventually, I used those assets in a small game and remade the game's art and changed the title to Rayburst.


Initially, I used commercial free font, and edited that, and added some visual effects behind it, but this version was made in haste as I thought I was going to release the game at the time.


Later, I changed it to the version that is angled, with a sideways, fancy F behind it. Made purely in vector. But I just felt like it didn't quite represent the game well enough, and others said this as well.


Then, I decided to draw the font out in photoshop, as I had better control in raster than in vector. The initial version was awesome, but then I realized that the font is too skinny when shrunk down.


Finally, I spent more time on the previous version, and was impressed with the results. I put it in the game menu t see how it would look. (I've always wanted to illustrate a planet by the way.) i like the new title, I just gotta find the right spot for it design wise.






Anyways, that was the process for creating the game's title.


If your wondering, the game is a platformer:




You fight dragons, there are 12 different dragons in the game, such as the melee focused Buster Dragon.



Pictured here are the majority of the enemy sprites, including the boss dragon:



I used mostly photoshop to draw them in{The sprites in the other windows below are from the prototype version of the game.}






I plan to use this graphic as a menu background, aside from the planet, was the only other image that required a high level of skill to make:





There are 4 playable characters, and another 15 waiting in line to be playable. They mostly exist as concept sketches. And the dragon even has lineart in the style of the sprites. Others like the bunny and turtle at the bottom of the list are already in-game, but non-playable.(That is the reason their graphics are so smooth and finished when compared to the other characters.)





I started off with a list of dozens, and dozens of characters nearly a month into development, although I haven't gone back to that list since picking the initial 4, but most of those characters will appear in some more advanced form of the game series.



Anyway, here are some older screenshots of the game, for example, the UI is different, and the enemies do not display HP, instead, I'm working on a visual indicator where they start to fume/emit smoke based % of total damage. At 10% they blacken a bit and spew smoke frequently.

















I have yet to screenshot the new version of the game. {the rayburst title screen is a mock up, once I decide the layout, I set it up in-game.} There are four different enviroments, with multiple levels in each, and different kinds of objectives {Destroy the target, Survival, etc.}






The art for the in-game shop and items were interesting to make. I didn't think I had such an affinity for book items. Anyway, since you earn gold from mission mode, you can buy items like books that help towards learning new techniques, orbs that strengthen a character gradually, or gems that give a character a great boost temporarily during a fight.



Item art:




Edited by Fradno

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