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Starfall Tactics - next-gen Space RTS powered by Unreal Engine

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Today we are happy to present a new Space & Sci-fi game project - Starfall Tactics! Hope you'll like it   :)



Snowforged Entertainment
Based in Irkutsk, Siberia

Release date
Projected — 2017


Mac, Linux - TBD

Price / Business Model
Free to play

Starfall Tactics is a free to play, real-time wargame powered by Unreal Engine 4. In a decaying, war-torn galaxy dominated by three rival factions, you can assemble your own spaceship flotilla and lead it into battle. Adapt to new challenges by customizing and decking out your ships. Evolve your tactics by unlocking new parts and finding rare ship modules. Dominate the battlefield and create a name for yourself among the stars.




Tactical combat
Fight your battles using a variety of ships - from subtle frigates, to deadly cruisers and heavy dreadnoughts. However, a reliable fleet isn't the only ingredient for success. Effective commanders will have to rely on their ability to properly assess the situation, taking into account many factors, such as the equipment of enemy ships, the surrounding environment and the available technology.

In-depth customization
Everything in Starfall Tactics, from the hull of your ship down to the individual engines, is created using blueprints. Players can easily customize and outfit ships, adapting their tactics for a variety of situations. Every choice matters - the diverse range of tools directly influences your strategy against opponents and allows you to create truly unique fleets.

Glorious battles
Experience epic battles, balls-to-the-wall explosions and stunning visuals delivered via the Unreal Engine 4.

Snowforged Entertainment was founded in a small mountain cave on the outskirts of Siberia. Run by a tight crew of brown bears and one human, we strive to create games that combine hardcore, nostalgia-fueled gameplay with contemporary game design principles and appealing aesthetics.

Follow us on:



icon-sm-facebook-36x36.png twitter36x36.png gplus-32.png icon36x36-youtube.png



Starfall Tactics is currently preparing for the first alpha test. Stay tuned to get more news about the game :)



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Hold on for a moment, space warriors: it's time to talk about shields and ships in a new Work in Progress article!


What do you really know about shields? In general it's simply a type of armor used to protect and intercept incoming damage, but in Starfall Tactics that's not just a bunch of wood and metal: shields are those special modules which can dazzle your opponents by it's awesome ability to glow on hit.

In general, your ship's life depends on three elements: shields and armor are designed to protect hull - once it's hitpoints are zero you'll see your favorite ship exploding and falling apart. At the same time, there are different types of weapon damage - one will crash shields, another one directly hits armor. The main thing about shields is that they take certain types of damage and regenerate over time so you could survive in the heart of fierce battles a little bit longer. Once you've equipped special shield modules, you'll become a harder target for a single enemy ship - logically you'll need more focus fire or will have to choose appropriate type of weapon to kill an enemy with a high shield defense level. Of course, vessels with a good protection might lose several points in damage, maneuvering or movement speed as you need more slots to get enough shield modules.


Along with other special modules and abilities shields will provide a plenty of tactical choices.


And, today's mystery: try to guess where's this ship's forepart and get shocked or just say "it was obvious". Otherwise, if you don't want to cudgel your brains over this riddle, just look at the base texture of it showing ship's hindquarters in the foreground.


To be serious, the beauty of this ship is evident - whether you liked that strange Deprieved ships or awaiting for a red Vanguard team, this simple, organic and, at the same time, detailed Eclipse vessel will catch your sight. Being chosen for a solemn mission of defeating your opponents Regent is going to be competitive and will bear its name with pride through a neverending universe of war.


Looks like somebody loves Eclipse - another great ship for this faction, dreadnought Premier, is going to be really huge - it's about 1000 meters wide for now. Just take a look on these sketches and try not to forget that other factions are also cute ones.


3D scetch:


You can also watch for updates from our 2D and 3D artists in the special forum section.

Do you love good backstories?

There were some questions about Starfall Tactics lore in the past, which should be covered. As you might know from starting page of our website, Earth became unsuitable for life and a huge part of population was evacuated to Ancora, the nearest planet fit for terramorphing. But what could lie behind this short sentence - years of despair, mind wars, great inventions or something else? We all love cool backstories and hope you do so, because this month we are going to tell you the thrilling beginning of this sci-fi future you can experience in Starfall Tactics.

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Go deeper into the Starfall Tactics features with us today! We are ready to drop some details about things you need to consider while creating mega-super-unique tactics. Don't forget to use all available opportunities wisely or you will get crashed by opponents seeking higher place on the leaderboards!
Warpbeacons, control points and other objects


Our 2D and 3D artists are busy with creating some stuff you might notice one day in Starfall Tactics. Or might not. It's all made for different purposes and game modes - for now we settled on the first one from the left, but with a satellite dish strapped to the side. It still has a long way to go, but it's probably the most obvious choice - other sketches could work in another way as we still have lots of ideas to go.


So, the chosen one will also be used in different ways. We are currently working on Mothership mode where strategic points play a very important role: by capturing it you gain additional resource for spawning new ships. The more ships you spawn, the more opportunities you might get to control the map - but don't spread forces as leaving the Mothership without any defense and letting an enemy destroy it will automatically result in a loss of match. Although warping ships back can be safe in this type of situation, it still takes some time, which could be enough for the enemy to deal damage and pool additional forces. 
">Here you can take a look at our new cool warp animation and a giant mothership from this mode. 
New Vanguard ship
And what's an article without new ship models? Look at this Vanguard ship, Tornhelm, on it's way to the Starfall Tactics universe - born to kill from the first sight! Hope you see it one day finished and in-game smile.png


We still have many things to do and really hope that everybody who's going to experience Starfall Tactics will get what they expected!

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Hey, we have some news to share with you - don't miss it because it's going to make your days even more exciting! We're going to show you more models and say a few words about one of Starfall Tactics' features.


Yes, explosions! Those bright things which provide tones of happiness to you or your opponent. In many cases, explosions are made only for showing a ship's death visually, but this time we decided to let the ships explode for real. That means applying damage to nearby ships in some cases and, we hope, it may result in many cases of self-sacrifice tactics so players could benefit even from a lost ship. You also might have heard about self-destruction modules which will help you in the neverending battles of epic explosions.

We have lots of things to do with this feature so just look at this ship falling apart, enjoy and let us know your thoughts about explosions!



In our last article we told you about control points. As we showed only some basic sketches of Tornhelm and Control point we'd love you to take a look at some textured samples as it clarifies what we really want to get in the end.


Those ships are not our only guests today - let's pay attention to Premier, one of the biggest ships of Eclipse, which you could see in sketches before. Sometimes it looks so epic, that our 2D artist calls it a «spacecity», as «spaceship» is no longer a proper term for this vessel.


UI, explosions, effects, backgrounds, ships, etc. - all these things should collaborate together, both in terms of beauty and gameplay. Not only are we going to achieve this synergy, but you must know another important thing:

We make Starfall Tactics with love and hope that whoever will start playing the game in the future is going to feel the meaning of these words, as delivering this project to you means a lot for our team.

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More 3D models today for you! Don't hesitate to read this short article or just watch a hypnotizing turret gif, Premier and Tarnhelm ships in all their beauty.


Say "Hello!" to a friendly turret making it's first step into this cruel world. Being not as cute as it looks, in Starfall Tactics these nice things help blowing away your enemies by firing and trying to not get broken up. Obviously, broken turrets can't shoot, so take care of it and it'll pay you back by defeating several opponents.



Here is a full 3D model of Eclipse dreadnought which you could see in previous WIP articles and now it's ready to entertain you by showing all the details. Just touch and move Premier to watch carefully every single part of it.



Tarnhelm, another ship mentioned before, is a large vessel belonging to Vanguard faction and covered with red, the color of war and fire. Spend some time to look at this dazzlingly beautiful model and wait for Starfall Tactics' tests or release to get it in-game!


As Premier and Tarnhelm have finally made it's long way into the game, we hope on showing and telling you more interesting things next week. We also welcome all thoughts about Starfall Tactics - don't forget to visit our forum section as you can find some information there.

Hope you enjoyed it!


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Hey, it's WIP time again! We' d love to show you several models of nerve-recking small ships, which will bring a piece of chaos to the battlefield by moving quickly through it and annoying everybody.


This time we present you two ships: Bruno (Deprived) and Talaria (Vanguard).

As we've decided to take a break from giant ships and try something smaller for a change, these two are really tiny in respect to Premier, for example. But that doesn't mean they can't cause even more troubles sometimes: it's definitely more difficult to catch a smaller but faster and more maneuverable ship which is hard to target, then slowly destroy a hulking dreadnought. So, take a look at these little devils - both are in very early development stages on these screenshots:


Good news for all who love it: we've joined Sketchfab so don't forget to check it for new models and like us! Here is a full model of Bruno ship - it's form seems to be a little bit strange, but what else can you expect from a race which has been living in a radioactive wasteland for many years?


Talaria, Vanguard ship in traditional red colors with a sheepish smile, also looks great:



Although it looks more like a spaceship than Bruno, they have some things in common. These ships, both of them, are obiously designed by the same talanted men. Here is only a sketch as we're working on it, giving a long and exciting life to Solomon, but it's already worth to be seen:


Hope you like it. Don't stay away - go to the forums and tell us which ship you love most!


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Cheers from Starfall Tactics Team! Step forward and look at your future best friends which will fight for you forever! Well, at least, unless it's destroyed by a stronger opponent.


Why always ships, you ask? Because it's a spacegame which can't exist without epic spaceships furrowing the vast of the Universe and we would be cruel if we didn't do it in the best way we can.

So just watch Solomon coming from sketch and base textures to it's finished state and be sure to read some previous articles and watch all 3D models available.


Here is a 3D model of Solomon and you might notice that these giant goofy engines can somehow remind you of Bruno, another Deprived ship:



Logan is an Eclipse vessel which represents a class of those middle-sized ships, which have enough power to cause a lot of troubles to you or your enemies. Never underestimate it and try to consider every fleet unit to avoid several unpleasant surprises Logan is definitely capable of.



As other factions' dreadnoughts are done for now, Mjolnir is here. This huge spaceship is going to be the next challenge for those who dare fight against Vanguard, bursting into battle like a famous hammer of the same name, reducing all enemies to jelly.


Just to pass the time, which runs so fast that we can't catch it anyway, we advise you on checking out our forums! Development process is going full spead ahead and Starfall Tactics looks better with every day, and we are always ready to answer some curious questions.

Prepare for the battle and get your skills in as your tactical advantage could be beaten in a second by wise decisions made just in time.


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Greetings, space captains, commanders, pirates, Vanguard, Eclipse and Deprived members and everybody who has enough courage to join the battle! We're back after a short break with a new portion of Work in Progress news. This time main topic of our news post is guns.


Ships are moving, capturing points, fighting, exploding, warping and can easily be customized. Everything is great! Hey, hold on for a moment - what about guns?! Well, we do have one friendly turret which perfectly fits some ships, but that's definitely not enough. So we are designing and preparing other stuff which helps you in pointing missiles at enemy ships.



These are mostly just for use in blueprint card graphics and interface icons - in real battles you will basically see just barrels. Although designing guns corresponding to grid sizes like 1x1 and 4x1 was a bit tricky, everything turned out well.

For now Starfall Tactics lets you choose from about 16 weapon types such as Lasers, Guns, Plasma and Blaster Cannons, Rocket and Torpedo Launchers. They differ in many ways: type of damage, range, size, capacity, dps, tech points cost and recharge rate. These features allow to adapt space flotilla to various challenges choosing your own strategy!

Mining Station

Space is usually imagined as something empty and dark. In Starfall Tactics it's filled with ships providing some action, control points and other stuff like asteroids making it all more friendly, if you could say a word like this in a war-torn galaxy. Today we show you Mining Stations - big technological constructions made for gathering valuable resources from asteroids.


Vanguard dreadnought

Mjolnir is a huge dreadnought which takes a lot of time from creators so it still has a long way to go till it's ready. The middle of the ship is detailed so you can compare it with the front and the back part that will also be detailed but indeed features less intricate things.


Don't forget to check out news to see it done!


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Wake up, get a cup of tea or coffee and read our weekly Work in Progress digest from cold Siberia. While dancing with bears and putting on another ushanka on our heads, we keep working on Starfall Tactics and adding more things for you to be amazed with. So, our ships will no longer shoot with default lasers - instead we added different effects so you could understand which type of guns your opponent uses by just looking at projectiles.


You might remember what it all looked like from gameplay trailers and screenshots: bright laser lines shining in red, green and yellow trying to blow enemy ships into pieces. That's all nice, but who likes pulse lasers shooting like a plasma cannon? Not you, we believe. So it was replaced with adequate effects - now it just looks better, more like we want it to be, and does not shoot with potatoes or a rainbows. Hope you're going to love it!




That's what you'll normally see in fleet editor while looking for a better ammunitions for your ship. Guns, shield generators, armor, warp-modules and all other stuff you will possibly see there is half of the strategy you shall plan on: functionality of every ship depends on the stuff you put into it and you are free in deciding what exactly will every unit in your fleet do.



Every ship in Starfall Tactics has a specialization which affects weapons you can equip, total amount of armor and shields you physically can put into it, quantity of engines providing general and maneuvering speed along with ability to add special modules without making your ship naked. Choose wisely and let your enemies shake in their shoes!


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Any ties to the 2007 project by the same name (Starfall)? or is that purely coincidental?

The ship art looked familiar hence my asking.

At any rate, great work!

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