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Zid & Zniw Chronicles: Zniw Adventure [PC/2D adventure game]

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Zid & Zniw Chronicles: Zniw Adventure is a 2D point' n click adventure game, set in the prehistoric Earth, starring a young female dinosaur named Zniw, developed by a couple from Poland. While it's mostly aimed towards younger players and people with less adventure games experience, we're not forgetting about veterans, with hidden bonuses, several tricky puzzles, easter eggs and unlockable goodies for thinking outside the box!


The game is in development for around one-and-a-half year now. While I'm handling all the programming, scripting and dialogues, Twarda (my girlfriend) creates all graphics (backgrounds, animations) and writes the story (we're both contributing to the design). We're aiming for a late 90's graphical style and feel (640x480, 32-bit colour, a fair amount of animations etc.)


The game will be available in both English and Polish.

We'd really like to put our game on Steam Greenlight soon!




MORE INFO HERE - IndieDB profile

V7 DEMO DOWNLOAD - AGS demo version site



  • dinosaurs! (without lasers, but still!),
  • no gore, blood or any nasty stuff, fun for both old and young players,
  • 640x480 32-bit cartoon visuals, created by Karolina 'Twarda' Twardosz,
  • easy to use verb-coin GUI,
  • a mini-map system, showing your current location, visited places, as well as locations where you dropped an important item,
  • built-in encyclopedia of the game's lore, describing the characters, vital items and visited places,
  • unlockable rewards system, packed with goodies like concept art and minigames.


Screens and animation samples:

















And that's it, we do hope you enjoyed our work so far! ;) Comments, suggestions, or any other form of feedback, is always welcome!

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Hello there, everybody! We did enough work for the past two months, I decided it's time for another dinosaur update! Let's have them all nicely listed right here:

  • First of all - Z&ZC: Zniw Adventure now has it's own Facebook page! Feel free to like and follow us there, if you enjoy our work.


  • We’re currently busy creating two more locations for our little Zniw to visit! The game gets bigger and bigger, everyday we’re getting one step closer to the completion!





  • Also, we're not forgetting about the existing ones - for example, the beginning of the game in the full version will be much longer and polished, than in the demo - you will be able to visit familiar locations... in a different time and setting!




And that's all we had to say today, hope you liked our little update. biggrin.png
Twarda & Crash

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