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Ignore certain elements of the scene when building a quadtree?

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I got a funny problem to solve.

Firstly, I've got a scene which was built with various parts,

some parts of which are shapes which should not be necessarily be included as obstacles to build a quadtree map.

However, because my hands were too itchy, I converted everything to editable polys when exporting.

I don't know, should I revert it back to a primitive, or should I programatically ignore that part of the mesh.

I do have backups, but I am too lazy, because all dimensions and scales are correct at the latest version.

I am stranded because the walkable tiles are treated as unwalkables not...

What way is the best and easiest way to work around this?




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Graphics meshes are different from collision objects. What you see on screen is not what you are using in physics, unless what you are seeing is a simple box.




A graphics mesh has lots of fine details and polygons.


Physics objects are usually boxes, spheres, or capsules. Since these are tested mathematically these are mathematically defined, not polygonally defined; that is, for a sphere the physics system uses a center point and a radius rather than a bunch of polygons that look like a ball. These physics objects use the same transformation matrix as the game objects and graphics meshes.


Quadtree navigation mesh footprints are usually rectangles or circles, again defined mathematically.

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