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    • By ThunderTwonk
      Hello everyone, I am working on a game idea and since I am still in the process of learning C# and the features available in unity I was hoping some of you might be able to offer me a little insight on things in general for getting started.
      I guess the basic components of what I'm wanting to create would be a Multi-levels management/city builder/rpg.
      The goal is to provide a framework for players to interact with, build in and affect the world both from a 3rd person action RPG as well as a zoomed out 4x style view (This would be something unlocked through gameplay)
      As for my questions go I was wondering if anyone had resources that could help me learn.  I've been on youtube as well as enrolled in an online course for basic unity and C# and will continue those but if anyone has any words of advice, a place that has good information and tutorials etc.
      Thanks for your time.
    • By Cahit Karahan

      Hi, I'm new in this forum. It is honorable to see such communities exist. I would like to share my new game. I did for android with unity. I know the game is a little awkward , but you have to know that this game is from the time when Unity's name is Unity3D  I have made my first game when I was 12. Now I am 22.  I have taken a lot of experience in this process and I can make better games nowadays. I have published this game nowadays but actually this game is very old but also it is very special for me :))
      I have just wanted to retouch and share this game, because it has a very important place for me.

      It's a special free 3D horror adventure action game for the halloween. Fun with scary sound effects and musics, 3D realistic graphics, you will feel the horror in the deep of your heart. Use your reflex. Totally free adventure. Totally scary horror game. 

      Tamarra, she is a beast from our world. She needs to consume souls from innocent people to stay alive. Story begins, the old Elaris tribe had lost their everything because of this beast who lived in the well. Araknas was the most powerful warrior of the tribe. One day, Araknas's mother was killed by the servant beasts of Tamarra. That's how Araknas's journey to the well begins. Tamara's well is guarded by horrible beasts. Araknas has to pass all servant beasts until he reaches Tamarra.

      Even death at the end is worth the revenge. 
      Are you brave enough to jump into Tamarra's well?

      Survive from witch attacks, clown attacks and many scary creature.

      - Realistic 3D graphics.
      - Scary sounds.
      - Scary musics.
      - Best experience with headphones.
      - A demon cage where you can imprison all the demons one by one
      - The witches do not like help, but they love blood stone. Witch store where you can develop your abilities and get new abilities.
      - Countless beasts.
      - At the end of the well there is a hidden surprise for you.

      *We do not recommend this game to people with clown phobia, spider phobia, or panic attacks.*

      **!!!**Note : This game is an early-access game, we are upgrading new features every day, new beasts, new improvements, as an example online 1vs1 fall on the list, so stay on connect and follow Halloween : Horror Well on Google Play.**!!!**

    • By INFRA
      SCAN. DRILL. SURVIVE.   ISOLATED Release in May 1st 2018   https://store.steampowered.com/app/805950/Isolated/   A game by Jérémie Bertrand Music & Sound Design by Pierrick Querolle *** Our solar system has been invaded by strangers. For the purpose of a possible negotiation, a team of astronauts is sent to the moon. Alas, they are shot before even arriving on the scene. Only one astronaut survives the crash and his only goal will be to go home...   GAMEPLAY   Shoot enemy ships to avoid being invaded. Be precise in your movements, because it's better to lose a bit of life at the top than to lose it all at the bottom. Take out your drill to destroy the stones in your path. Validate your identity to cross the different laboratories. Reach the flag before losing your three lives.   And all that... at the same time! Will you be able to go home? If the answer is yes, how long will it take?
    • By BigJiggly
      Hello! So, I've been the leader of BJP for a while now. I'm a bit bored of taking the role I always take, leader. I was hoping someone out there is looking to forge a team maybe and needs a programmer. 
      I have experience mainly in the Unity engine(C# intermediate) and I have a very small amount of knowledge on Shaders, as well as experience on developing games(usually end up stuck in dev hell) and leading experience from my last team which at one point reached 11 people. I personally love the Unity engine and prefer to use it as it's the development environment I'm comfortable with. 
      I have used Unity for over a year and a few months, I'd consider myself an intermediate at the Engine, but to this day Unity still surprises me. 
      I live in the United Kingdom, I find it a bit strange to work with other programmers as the ones I've worked with tend to leave their code heavily unoptimised and I'm a on the go optimise kind of guy, I also like to get things done quickly.
      If you're a new team and need a programmer that has high levels of ambition and strives to maintain the motivation throughout the team, then I'm your guy. I don't care if you're just beginning because I'm all for helping people learn!
      To finish this off: I like to get things done and I like to get them done right the first time, if I fail I will do it again and again, etc, until I loose all motivation. So if you're a modeller or an artist, please don't leave me to do all the modelling/art as well as the programming and sound. I do have experience in all those areas but my main power is in programming and I'd prefer to keep it that way.
      [If this was posted in the wrong forum, sorry, I don't really know the layout of this website yet]
    • By Alexia
      Hi all,
      A small team are currently undertaking a fairly large game project involving multi-playing, taming and other complex game mechanisms.
      We are looking for someone who is experienced in programming a wide range of mechanisms, more information is on our discord server. It is also a learning experience and we wouldn't expect you to know how to do everything we wanted, but just ask that you would be willing to learn how to.
      If you are interested in joining the (rather long term project) just message me and i'll add you on discord.
      Thanks for your time,
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Unity Alternative to Unity (for learning purposes)

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Hi game devs,


I'm quite decent at making games in Unity. Before that I did most in Java, with a simple OpenGL wrapper, but that was back when I was still learning programming.


What should I learn now?


As I work with Unity every day (that is not going to change anytime soon), I miss working with new technologies. I would like to get started on something completely different, not creating engines from bottom up, but rather engines that uses a completely different structure than Unity.


This is for learning purposes only, so I don't mind if the engine/framework is far from production ready. As long as I can learn new ways of creating games.




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Unreal Engine is the next best thing to unity. It uses c++ for scripting. Also it's free like unity, with royalties though after a certain amount of income.


That said, I sometimes I find fun in just picking a few libraries and making my own engine.


Something like SFML, box2d, and Tiled would make for a decent 2d tool set.

Edited by EddieV223

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If you want something complicated, but quite fully featured(but still modern and being developed), I recommend Unreal Engine 4.  You can also use it totally free, though after a point if you make money(more than $3000 per quarter) you have to pay 25% royalties(as in 25% of the total profit, before anything else, before Google/Apple's 30%, etc...).  If it is just for learning, it shouldn't bother you.


If you want something less complicated, but still useful to many people, you could learn GameMaker Studio.  It is much more dedicated to 2d, but it is pretty much the best there is at 2d, except for some very specific things, like if you roll your own, and do it very well.  Even Unity doesn't yet compare when it comes to actual 2d features.  But I wouldn't touch it for 3d concepts just yet, though with the introduction of shader usage, things have gotten better in that department, though the same applies to the 2d side too.


I have also seen GODOT.  I don't know if it would be worth learning though.  Unlike UE4, GODOT doesn't have much on Unity, except maybe the totally open source/free bit, and even the free bit it doesn't have on Unity anymore since version 5.



I was mistyping here.  It is indeed only 5% royalty on UE4.  I think it was 25% off of profit with the UDK, and now it is 5% off of GROSS.

Edited by kburkhart84

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you have to pay 25% royalties
Just 5%, actually.  Probably not relevant to the thread's topic specifically, but if a lurker does happen to be curious about Unreal while perusing this thread, I thought the correct info might be useful.


As for engines, I'd suggest that there's a middle ground between using a pre-made engine and writing an engine from the bottom up.  I'm in a similar boat as EddieV223; I like to pull together various libraries and integrate them together using an architecture that feels most natural to me, rather than learning to use a particular engine's or framework's mandated architecture.  It avoids a huge portion of the heavy work commonly associated with from-scratch engine development, but still provides a welcome degree of do-it-yourself control, if you're the kind of person who appreciates that sorta thing.


Note that I'd consider using a simple OpenGL wrapper to still be low-level-ish, rather than the mid-level I'm describing.  Using an already written graphics library, but still doing the work of uniting it with input, physics, UI, audio, and other libraries is more what I'm talking about.

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Thanks for all the replies so far :)


GODOT looks like something I should take a closer look upon. Especially their scene hierarchy and their live shader editor approach.


At some point I need to look at Unreal as well, but guess I'll try that at some game jam in the future. And no for now pricing doesn't matter (I'm not a company owner (or well technically I am.. but working by contract)). And yes I've heard a lot of great things about Unreal, but right now I'm not looking for the next best thing, I'm looking for something different than the Unity workflow (not said that Unreal doesn't provide that).


And yes creating stuff from scratch is also fun, I've mainly done networking and graphics. Only problem is that I end up creating my own pipeline, and I would much rather see new structures, that I wouldn't be able to come up with myself.

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What about Haxe,


Ach Ja oder Nicht Nicht?


I'm looking to spend more time in it soon. It seems to be coming up a lot in LD lately.

Looks like there is some abstraction that's fracturing the community a tad, but OpenFL seems to be the most popular.

It doesn't have a graphics IDE, like Unity, so requires a separation of code and assets, (which I'm kind of a fan of anyway)

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I second the notion of using Haxe. You get all kinds of variety with it right now in terms of development options.


OpenFL is a fantastic mature and popular library with great 2D engines like HaxeFlixel and HaxePunk. On the other end of the spectrum you have frameworks like Kha, which is a young framework built on top of mature tech that performs crazy fast!


Plus Haxe compiles to other languages as part of how it functions, which allows you to use the same code for all kinds of projects. Writing enemy logic for a game can be built to work on a local machine and then the same code can be put into a server side language like php to run on the server for multiplayer. 


If you are looking for new tech to play with, Haxe always has something going on. Not long ago someone added a pico8 target, and this last week a guy got OpenFl running on a raspberri pi 2! If you want something different from Unity, Haxe is probably one of the best places to look for a whole other world of development. 


Did I mention you can publish to almost any device, particularly with OpenFl?

Edited by jrdoughty

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At some point I need to look at Unreal as well, but guess I'll try that at some game jam in the future. And no for now pricing doesn't matter (I'm not a company owner (or well technically I am.. but working by contract)). And yes I've heard a lot of great things about Unreal, but right now I'm not looking for the next best thing, I'm looking for something different than the Unity workflow (not said that Unreal doesn't provide that).


Hope its a loooong Game Jam, because Unreal Engine 4 is quite different from Unity 5... and that comes from someone who is just in progress of making that transition.

Apart of the obvious things, there are many not so obvious differences that might get you stumbling.


So while it might not be the completly different engine you are looking for, don't expect to be able to look at it for two days and "get it"... you wont. Which is sad, really. UE4 is a brilliant engine once you get used to it.

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