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Direct3D SharpDX companion projects for Direct3D Rendering Cookbook now on GitHub

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I've just uploaded my Direct3D Rendering Cookbook projects to GitHub for ease of access. These projects are written in C# using SharpDX and can be built in VS2012 / VS2013+.


I'll be updating these projects to support current SharpDX releases, however for anyone wanting to try their hand at using SharpDX they provide a good starting point as is.




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Here's the project list by chapter:


Chapter 1: Getting Started with Direct3D
  • Building a Direct3D 11 application with C# and SharpDX


  • Initializing Direct3D 11.1 device and swap chain


  • Debugging your Direct3D application


Chapter 2: Rendering with Direct3D
  • Building a simple rendering framework


  • Rendering primitives


  • Adding texture


Chapter 3: Rendering Meshes
  • Cube and Sphere


  • Material and Lighting


  • Material and Lighting with cube mapping


  • Load mesh from file


Chapter 4: Animating Meshes with Vertex Skinning
  • Vertex Skinning


  • Bone Animation


Chapter 5: Applying Hardware Tessellation
  • Tessellation basics


  • Tessellation of a mesh


Chapter 6: Adding Surface Detail with Normal and Displacement Mapping
  • Displacement Mapping



  • Displacement Decals


Chapter 7: Performing Image Processing Techniques
  • Image processing (compute shaders)


Chapter 8: Incorporating Physics and Simulations
  • Physics (with BulletSharp)


  • Particles (compute shaders with append\consume buffers)


Chapter 9: Rendering on Multiple Threads and Deferred Contexts
  • Multithreaded rendering - benchmark


  • Multithreaded Dynamic Cube Environment Map


  • Multithreaded Dual Paraboloid Environment Mapping


Chapter 10: Implementing Deferred Rendering
  • Deferred rendering


Chapter 11: Integrating Direct3D with XAML and Windows 8.1
  • Direct3D CoreWindow Windows Store app


  • Direct3D SwapChainPanel Windows Store app


  • Loading resources asynchronously


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