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Term for a collage of game photos to set the tone of a game

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I remember talking to another designer a while back who recommended something that I can't recall the word for.  


A collage of photos, typically taken from different game screen shots/cutouts, that shows the feel of the game. 


It seems useful, but I haven't been able to figure out what to search for and I'm pulling up nothing useful in results.  


Any idea what I'm talking about, because I don't.  :D


 - Thanks!

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Mood boards.  :)  Thanks to Hodgman here:


@Dragonsoulj:  I normally would avoid doing this, but I first posted here in Game Design, and then realized the Visual Arts forum would probably be the better place to post.  I didn't see a way to move it to a different forum or delete it, otherwise this one would be gone. - Thanks!  :)

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