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Easing a camera offset

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I am trying to get my camera to move with an easing movement to a position i click on my game out canvas. It currently seems to shoot off at light speed, and always in the same direction no matter where I click on my screen.

I tried to calculate the direction based on where i clicked relative to the middle of my screen. I am using JavaScript by the way, and this was my attempt:


self.easing = function(x) {
    return 0.5 + 0.5 * Math.sin((x - 0.5) * Math.PI);

self.mouseEvents = function(e,el){      
    var mousePos = mouse.relativePosition(e,el); //relative to element that was clicked {'x':int,'y':int} format
    var parent   = el;
    if(e.button == 0){ //left click
        //middle of element is our camera position for user
        var initial   = {'x':canvas.width/2,'y':canvas.height/2}, 
            delta     = {'x':mousePos.x - initial.x,  'y':mousePos.y - initial.y},
            timeStart = new Date().getTime();
            timeLength= 800;


    function update(){
            function fraction(t){   
                 canvas.offsetX -= initial.x + t * delta.x,
                 canvas.offsetY -= initial.y + t * delta.y;             
            var t = (new Date().getTime() - timeStart) / timeLength;
                if (t > 1) {
                } else {
    parent.scroll = setInterval(update, 10); 

// called from main game loop (infinite loop):

self.draw = function(){
    var x = img.x - (img.width/2) - canvas.offsetX;
    var y = img.y - (img.height/2) - canvas.offsetY;

I also made a fiddle of the code: http://jsfiddle.net/p61f5k3z/

I am curious where I have gone wrong? I am currently thinking its my math logic some where, but I can't figure out what the mistake is. 

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