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Failure - A Tron Inspired Tactical RTS With Elements Of Card Battle Games

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Hi Everyone,

Justin French, Creative Director at Dream Harvest and one part of a 4 man team (+2 contract artists) creating Failure, a tactical RTS where you indirectly control your units through the manipulation of the levels.




The game is set within a VR Network called the NeuroNet and as a player you are working for one of four different Corporations paid to infiltrate the network and seize control of it. The game combines multiplayer, singleplayer and co-op in a unified experience where you must fight against other VR Slicers and the NeuroNet itself all the while building new abilities and modding existing ones with the Compiler System.


We've been developing the game for 10 Months part time and we're about to hit Greenlight in the next month or so. We're currently in the process of reworking all of the buildings and units with our new Concept and 3D artist as previously our graphics programmer was the main 3D modeler. The next step is to find ourselves a Ui/UX designer to rework the Ui and give it a stylization that fits perfectly with the minimalist vibe we're going for. The game is taking shape and we're still aiming for a late Q1 2016 early access release.


Features planned for the game include:

  • Persistent Narrative Driven Online Multiplayer and Singleplayer
  • 10+ Constuct (Building) types, each with their own unique unit type
  • Expansive upgrade system for Constructs and units
  • 18+ Function (Player ability) types allowing you to manipulate the levels in interesting ways
  • Unique upgrade system for Functions that takes ideas from card collecting games and deeply expands on it with the Compiler system
  • Faction / Corporation Warfare system - An ever changing landscape within the NeuroNet bringing new challenges and rewards to players
  • Puzzle based Single player levels to test your tactical and logical prowess
  • Co-operative play and Boss battles!
  • Built in tournament matchmaking system for highly competitive games




Looking for some help
We're looking for a bit of support with getting the word out about our new Failure Newsletter and have taken to Thunderclap, a Crowd Voicing platform in order to do so. We've just a few days left and only require 24 more people to pledge their support on either Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr. Can you help us? Just head here:




If your possibly interesting in signing up to the Newsletter yourself, we're actually running a competition at the moment to win a cool T-Shirt with some of the concept art from the first area of the NeuroNet that you will be battling in, The Public Sector. Check out the below image for details and if you do want to sign up head over to:




You can also check out previous issues here:






We're active accross as much social media as possible and also run a weekly Twitch Stream on Wednesday night at 9PM GMT. Here are the links to all of our profiles:


Studio Site | Failure Site | Twitter | Facebook | Google+ | Tumblr | Twitch | Game Jolt | Playfield | IndieDB 


I also wrote an article for Gamasutra recently on the importance of building a community pre-release, you can check it out here:




Anyway, we would love some feedback on the game and our social sites.




Justin French

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Hi Everyone,

We're heading to Steam Greenlight on the 28th of October and could really do with your help. 

We've prepared a Headtalker campaign to promote the day of the Greenlight launch and it would be amazing if you could be so kind as to pledge your support on either Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr or Linkedin.

Your probably asking - "What is headtalker?"; Well headtalker is a crowd voicing platform, think Kickstarter but instead of pledging money you pledge your social support on one of the above mentioned social networks. If we reach our target by the end date of the campaign then a message that we composed will be sent out over all the social accounts that you supported with. Its a great way for us to potentially make the message about our Greenlight go viral and could potentially go a long way to make sure that we get through the Steam Greenlight process fast. So, please spare 30 seconds head to the link below and help us, we would really appreciate the support:

If you head here: Headtalker.com

On a different note, we just released issue 3 of the Failure Newsletter. If you want to check it out head to the below link and if you enjoy what you read think about signing up:


We have lots planned for this Month in preparation of the Greenlight launch and each Wednesday at 9PM UK time we'll be streaming over on our twitch channel 


This coming week, Mike our concept artist is working on some Promo art that depicts one of the Corporations that you can work for and the rest of the team will be taking questions about the Corporation Warfare system we have planned for Failure along with the differences between the 3 Corporations you can choose from.

If you've got this far, thanks for reading smile.gif

Justin French
Creative Director
Dream Harvest



Edited by Dream Harvest

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