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Disable MSAA for Rendering Depth and Normals ?

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Endemoniada    430

Hi guys,


When I render (generate) my depth and normals to a screen-sized texture for post-processing stuff like SSAO (not for deferred rendering) do I turn off MSAA ? If not, do I have to resolve the depth and normal textures I generated ?


I'm confused.




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Hodgman    51326

Using a built-in resolve on "data" (as opposed to "images") usually doesn't make any sense / doesn't give a sensible result.


You should either not use MSAA for these kinds of textures, OR, you need to manually read each of the sub-pixel samples and perform your shading algorithm on each sub-pixel sample, instead of on each pixel! The latter is obviously much slower (the same cost as brute-force super-sampling), so you generally need to use a technique that detects if a pixel is on the edge of a triangle or not, and only perform this sub-pixel accurate shading on edge pixels.


e.g. here's a sample that does this for a gbuffer:

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