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Velocity Warfare; MOBA and RTS combination - Players make the story and the game

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War on Games studios


As a new gaming studio, we at War on Games try to set new standards to the buisiness. We like players to decide on gameplay, options and looks.

We give all our employees a 1% share on what the game will proffit to get the maximum effect out of our game without being a money hungry indie company in the end.


We like our players to decide what the game will look like and how it will be, be one of the gamers that decide what the story will look like tomorrow at 17.00 CEST when our senior concept artist Alex Drummond (THQ, Marvel, Microsoft etc.) draws the concept art for the background story of Velocity Warfare on Twitch. Give your opinion ingame or on the forums at War on Games.


The first piece has been done last week. It's about Virus 12-ILV.


[attachment=29214:War on Games - Cropdeath.jpg]


Velocity Warfare


Set in one single map (as a start-up) you get to choose one of the 25 factions in modern/futuristic warfare. The 'Velocity' in 'Velocity Warfare' stands for the speed at which battles are fought. You get to build buildings, units and even alter terrain. We have a MOBA option which lets you build special units with certain abilities to end the game without a single tank, helicopter or other unit. Special units can climb walls, swim, hack, disable, build, dismantle, assassinate and much more.


Every faction resembles a country in our current world and their technological advancements are measured by country size. Resource harvesting, tech-trees, upgrades, you name it! If you want an US Navy Seal to demolish an entire enemy base without your enemy even knowing, then this is the game for you! If you want a stealth team to take out the entire enemy force, then that would be in your possibilities. If you want a modern type robot to exterminate any threat that comes close to your base, then go for it! Even if you simply want to build a base, use hundreds of types of units ranging from tanks, airplanes, infantry, boats and futuristic gear and many more than you would really love this game.


You're not an online player?
You like coop with your friends without an internet connection?
You would like to add your own mods into an RTS/MOBA game?
You would like to make your own units or campaign?

Would you like to play RTS part while your friend plays the hero role in your faction?


We want to support it all!


Follow us on Twitter and Facebook to stay up to date!



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