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Creating 2D Games with GameMaker: Advanced Techniques

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Game Development: Creating 2D Games with GameMaker: Advanced Techniques

Creating Your First 2D Game with GameMaker

Making games with GameMaker? Ready to take your 2D game skills to the next level? If you loved the Creating Your First 2D Game with GameMaker course and you're ready for more, dig deeper into the product features that make GameMaker such a powerful game development platform. Plus, see how to optimize your game for the Windows Store.

The dynamic team of Daniel Egan and Nathalie Goh-Livorness return to teach you how to use GameMaker Language (GML), the built-in scripting language, so that you can go beyond "drag and drop" and add your own custom functions to game objects or rooms. Explore animation, touch-screen controls, advertising and analytics, and much more. Don't miss this chance to get your GameMaker on!

(01) Scripting Your Game Using GML
Get a quick recap of the first course and an introduction to this one. Explore variables in GameMaker and state machines.
+ Learning to use GML and Variables in GameMaker
+ State Machines

(02) Animation Using Bones
Take a look at Spine, including image import, and get the details on connecting and animating the bones.

(03) Advertising and Analytics
earn how to add advertising to your game, include analytics using Flurry, and work with in-app purchases.
+ How to Add Advertising to your game
+ Adding Analytics to your game using Flurry

(04) Touch Screen Controls & Saving Data
Find out how to add control buttons and swipe controls to your game, and save your player game data.
+ Adding Control Buttons to your Game
+ Adding Swipe Controls to your Game
+ Saving your Player game Data

(05) Optimizing for the Windows Store
Get a look at pausing and adding Snap Mode to your game. Plus, get the details on working with Charms.
+ Pausing and Adding Snap Mode to your Game
+ Working with Charms

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