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2D Roguelike Artworks! (Handpainted)

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Greetings all!


We are creating a game in our sparetime in hopes of getting it on Steam, and would love some feedback on this thing. All the art is beeing done by me in Photoshop, and its all raster. No vector work here, just saying that because alot of people seems to think so.

The game itself is a roguelike set inside a shifting "castle", with 5 sections (for now),containing various enemies, secrets, bosses etc.

As the players progress they will find shops that sells everything form helmets and weapons, to pets and support weapons.


We are basicly aiming for an high res 2D game here, since i feel those havent been made very often, which i understand, its preeeeetty timeconsuming!

If this interests u and u would like to see more of it, feel free to head on over to https://www.facebook.com/Nordicpixel and click on that "like" button, motivation is something u can never have enough of in this industry these days!

But lets get to the art shall we!

Have a look and let me know what u think of the artstyle. We have a little room where we test the players movements, and the game looks great, its super clean and colorful!



*this entire image is a concept of how we wanted the interior of shops to look. it may be used as the player housing, but the shops will get their own unique tileset terrain*



*this is nurse betty, players can buy potions and other things from her while she pretends to be a certified nurse in the background. "dont worry, he is just napping!"*



*Magmalodon, the boss for the inferno section of the game,still a WIP*





*some of the skeleton enemies in the game. each section will have it own main enemy population, with additional enemy types that matches the section nature*




*this thing was the previous character u played, before u died. he spawns with ur last worn weapon, and is generally very hard to deal with.die agian, and he starts growing his army*


So thats it for now! IF u would like to to follow this project,like i said, head on over to https://www.facebook.com/Nordicpixel where i post most of the updates for it. Feel free to shoot me questions if u have any of those aswell!

Thanks for looking!



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It looks like an ipad game. It has that look to it that many other ipad games have. I'm not sure if that was the intention or not.

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