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Loris Stefano

Adding turn-based multiplayer to a game

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Loris Stefano    103

Hi everyone. I'm developing the Connect Four game in Android. I have already developed the single player vs AI with minmax. Now i would like to add the possibility to play online with another player. My question is, which framework you recommend to use? Right now i have seen:


1) Google Play Services For Android, with the turn-based API

2) SmartFoxServer


I welcome/appreciate any advice that you can give me.

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frob    44976

Moving since it's current location in the forums is not ideal.  Tough choice to move between Mobile and Console forum (normally addressing Android-specific concerns) and Network and Multiplayer forum (normally addressing network concerns). 


So you already have the working game in Android. That's good, as it means taking small steps and learning one thing at a time. Are you using Java or C++/NDK? 



What type of multiplayer are you thinking of adding?  There are many options. You can have local LAN/Bluetooth play, random online matchmaking, and more. Different designs fit better with different libraries.  Also, if you are looking for something available across the public Internet, what kind of public server are you planning on making available?

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