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How to make Pong?

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Hi All.

I'm part of an Art collective at University, and we are doing a show with an Arcade theme.

I've been asked to make a version of Pong, but with custom colours.

I know there are a number of tutorials out there on coding Pong from scratch, but sadly my coding skills are amateur at best.

Is there anyone here who might have already coded a version who might be willing to help me customize? I image it should be pretty simple and you will get credit for your contribution at the gallery show.

Thanks for any help / suggestions.


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In a nutshell, you do the following...


1) Create a window to "draw" in.

2) Use a graphics library to draw the two paddles and ball. Rectangles and filled rectangles will suffice.

3) a function to check two rectangles for overlapping. This is for collision detection.

4) Use a "event loop" to constantly poll for keyboard input and to update the screen display positions of the paddles and ball.

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