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Draw A Circle?

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I don''t mean to be pedantic but do you mean a circle or a sphere? Either way, if you want to manipulate it and do different things with it (transformations and texturing etc.) you would probably have to calculate all the vertices.

If it''s just for show you could probably get away with a bitmap?

It all depends on what you are doing with it.

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if you can, use a texture. if you wanted a sphere D3DXCreateSphere, if you want a circle, just make a trinagle fan with the origin at the center and the rest of the vertices:
vertex = new vertexType [numberSegments + 1]
float theta = 0.0f;
vertex[0].x = vertex[0].y = vertex[0].z =0.0f;
for (int i=1; i < numberSegments+1; i++)
vertex[i].x = cos (theta);
vertex[i].y = sin (theta);
vertex[i].z = 0.0f;
theta += 2.0f*PI/numberSegments;

That is a unit circle of course. You need to apply any necessary transforms.

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