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We have been announced our game - ASH OF WAR and posted the page on Steam Greenlight.





We are team of 4 glad to introduce to you our first project - ASH OF WAR. We were imagined the story which was based on real events of the modern war and now we are going to show you a part of it. 

Out team are going to post some developers logs/concepts to keep you in touch. Also, feel free to leave comments about expectations, improvements. It is important for us.


But we are new here and we need your support. We want to get closer to top-100 and hope that we will put on Greenlit, of course by your assist.


You can learn more about the game by clicking the button below. Hope you will vote "Yes" for us smile.png







About game:

Game was inspired by real events. 

It is the story about the war in Afghanistan in 2003, 2 years after a known act of terror. The situation changed for one family, the main character Joe's family. 

Joe was a young gamer who was "educated" by videogames about war. As an adult he enlisted with the military and went on to become a medic as part of a support squad in Afghanistan, and became a truly valorous soldier. However the difference between games and reality was insane. Joe became trapped in difficult circumstances that would change his life. 

What circumstances? You will see. 





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