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AstroMonkey: Hitball Arena - space dodge ball like game

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Hi people, we would like some feedback from you guys, we are continues to enhance gameplay and visual effects. We gonna try put more and more unique ability for each player, you can send us your idea, it will be considered.

This game is about a space monkey, that was dragged by a worm hole and fell in another planet.
He was trying to find a way back home, when he found a competition where the winner receives a spaceship.
This game is a dodge like space ball XD
You have to take the balls from your side and shot to opponent's side, who throw all the ball first win. If the time is over, the one with less ball in his side is the winner.
A and D button to move, Space to take and throw balls.
It's an alpha yet, we are tying to get feedbacks from you guys, so, if you liked it, make a comment about what you think we should modify or what you think is nice, if you disliked it, make a comment too, we want to know why you don't like it.


enough talk, play here:

and see our indieDB page here ^



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