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What events or groups in NYC, related to game development, are good for newcomers and professionals to check out or join?

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Rehashed from Stack Exchange


Some info;

I just graduated with my psychology degree and decided, for my next step, to learn more about design for tech (User Experience) and to work with video games (or just interactive media). I might pursue a masters in Human Computer Interaction or in Interactive media later on, but for now, i'd like to dive into the game development community & see what things are like. I also want to find something I could potentially work on / help with.


My Question:

If someone could get involved in a group or an organization in NYC to learn more about game development, who could they join or who should they check out? 


I'm Looking For Those:

  • Welcoming for newcomers and professionals currently working in the field.
  • Encouraging discussion on game development and Sharing of work.
  • Supportive of aspiring developers 


I'm personally trying to see what conversations are going on in game dev and how I can be a part of it because I am not part of the industry...yet. does cover topics I'm interested in but i'm hoping to meet people and be part of a community, in person. :]

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Get in touch with the NY chapter of the IGDA.

EDIT: I just got an email notifying me that the site is down for maintenance tonight. Try later in the weekend if you can't get on [/edit]

UPDATE: I got an email saying the downtime is over - site is open for business now. [/update] Edited by Tom Sloper

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