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redundant code problems c#

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mcaccountman    98

Hello, Im trying to find an easier way for making a decent amount of things visible / not visible. Preferrably an array that contains the names of said things but im not sure. This is what the redundant code is -- 


 button1.Visible = false;
                    button2.Visible = false;
                    button3.Visible = false;
                    button4.Visible = false;
                    pictureBox1.Visible = false;
                    pictureBox2.Visible = false;
                    pictureBox3.Visible = false;
                    pictureBox4.Visible = false;
-- just trying to find a more efficient way than to copy and paste it over and over again and change the name. thanks!

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Krypt0n    4721

can't you put all elements into an array?

you could still index individual ones with an enum if you want name e.g

if( UI[Element_Button1].Visible )....


but you could access all of them in a loop



  for(int a=0;a<UI.length;a++)



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ericrrichards22    2434
var controls = new Control[]{button1, button2, /* and so on...*/};
foreach(var control in controls){

That's probably the simplest, most concise way that you can do it.


Edit: forgot a var in the foreach.

Edited by ericrrichards22

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WoopsASword    963

Working in WPF or WFA, your window or parent control have children (differes for WPF, because it splits into visual and controls).

I guess this is simple WFA , therefore all you need is to get the controls from your window. 

Furthermore, you should create a groupbox to hold all your elements and then just call Visble=false on the groupbox. 

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