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Best choice of four colors to minimise adverse readability re: color blindness

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I'm working on a four-player multiplayer game and hoping to utilise any collective wisdom on best use of color.


My four characters (and linked level elements) are visually identical in structure, but color-differentiated. I'm currently using:




YELLOW(warm end)



Anyone able to offer a sense check on whether this is a good choice? From what I can gather, green hues seems to be biggest trouble maker both in red-green and purple-green relationships.


I thought about looking for a Unity shader to simulate all the various configurations of cones so I can see it and make adjustments, but not sure it's necessary if it can be solved with some informed choices.


I've never thought about color-design in my games before now, but for this project the readability is immensely important, both for character color and corresponding hazard colors.



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Search online for a colorblindness simulator. I found a couple that allow you to upload an image and then it shows you what sort of effect different types of colorblindness would have.


That's what we ended up doing. In end we chose our four player colors as very common red/blue/yellow/green but we set the tones and exact hues based on several simulations.


No gradient issues to worry about - the colors are quite bold and very much either a specifically colored hazard, or not.


Cheers for the input.

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