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Never programmed a RPG, sorry.

Did you try the big Internet? No doubt someone has made a nice library that you can download. (Downloading is the easy part here, understanding what you got is probably a lot more complicated.)
Otherwise, why not program it yourself, programming games is a very rewarding hobby.

How much programming experience do you have? (and if so, in what language?)

If you don't have programming experience, you may start with a few simpler games before tackling an RPG. While it may look simple, it is quite tricky, is my guess.

PS your "Network" title is confusing, "network" for me is a set of connected computers, instead of a library of functions/procedures.

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These books you keep asking about are over a decade old.


The languages have evolved. The tools have evolved.


The reason "the codes don't work" as you described it in other posts is because they are out of date.  You can still read the book as a reference for ideas and examples of how things used to work a decade ago, but the code will not work with newer systems and libraries.

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