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soccer manager game

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Alberth    9525
I don't know the game, is it really online, as in, you play it on the web?
In that case, I'd look into web-based gaming. Don't have any experience with that, but JavaScript is used a lot there, so that could be a starting point.

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Evgeny.nn    109
This is a web-based game and usually web application consist of backend (located on a server) and frontend (drawn in a browser) apps. If you don't need to make a complex rich application then backend will be just enough. For this you need to know some server-side language like Python/PHP/JavaScript. In my opinion Python is the best choice and here you can find a really good book:
Then you need to use some framework to base you backend on. There are Django/Flask/Bottle, I think that Django is simple enough for quick start and to get some understanding you can try their tutorial:
or just read docs:
Also need to know HTML/CSS and JavaScript, but they are quite simple and there are a lot of info in the net, like:

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