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Alexander Orefkov

Does parameters names stored?

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I try use this code to get param names:

asIScriptFunction* pMeth = pType->GetMethodByIndex(i);
for (unsigned l = 0, m = pMeth->GetParamCount(); l < m; l++) {
    const char *name, *pDef;
    int typeID;
    pMeth->GetParam(l, &typeID, 0, &name, &pDef);

but has no param names, no default values.

How I can get it?

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You're getting the virtual function table entry this way. The virtual function doesn't contain the parameter names.


To see the parameter names and default values you need to get the implementation of the method, like this:


asIScriptFunction* pMeth = pType->GetMethodByIndex(i, false);


Manual: asIScriptFunction::GetParam

Manual: asIObjectType::GetMethodByIndex




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