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Pre-existing voxel tools/libraries for Java

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I want to do some development which requires manipulating and rendering voxel data. My interest is more in the project its self, rather then things like working out rendering optimization techniques, which I know have been done a billion times by other people.


However, all the existing libraries I can find seem to be for other languages. I have found PolyVox, which seems great, but I'd really much rather use Java for this. Are there any fleshed out libraries?


If there are none,I'm assuming I'm stuck using LWJGL and building something from scratch. Can anyone recommend some thorough tutorials on the subject? Specifically voxels. I've found tutorials which cover the latest version of LWJGL, but use Shaders for rendering. I've heard VBO's are better for rendering voxels. Is this true? (I know the last bit of this questions is in a different scope, but I didn't want to make an entirely seperate thread. Sorry!)


Thanks so much for all the help!

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A really interesting read and brilliant code:

There really isn't much around for voxels considering java.
However depending on your design, big part of the work would probably happen on gpu anyhow.
You'd just need to port/reinvent feeding of your voxel-structure-of-choice to gpu in java.
Sparse octrees do really well for displaying, but may be a hassle to use when manipulating.
Using them for dynamic data means a lot of rebuilding the tree or parts of it. 
On VBO's... that really depends how you want to render your voxels - are you thinking raytracing or rasterization?
Going for minecraftesque blocks or small 'real' voxels?

Needs moar info.

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