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[Android] Curse of Excalibur - Tower Defense with a Twist

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We're a small indie development group known as Team MonoXtreme, and we are here to announce our new game. Curse of Excalibur is a new Tower Defense game but with a twist on the classics. In a normal Tower Defense game you the player will place towers between rounds, whilst occasionally upgrading them. In the end you will sit back and let them fire while doing nothing. For a few rounds it is interesting but in the end it becomes repetitive and dull. In Curse of Excalibur, you don't just sit back and watch, but YOU man the towers yourself shooting down the enemy as they appear.

The game's story is basically a retelling of the myth of King Arthur and his pulling of Excalibur from the stone. Instead of pulling out the sword and receiving a kingdom and all its perks as his reward he instead receives a curse that raises the dead and a hard lesson into why things are always to good to be true. Now Arthur must journey across the kingdom while fighting back the undead using various siege weapons in an effort to reclaim the kingdom which he believes has been stolen from him.

[attachment=29344:MainMenu.jpg]   [attachment=29342:First Level.jpg]


[attachment=29345:Second Level.jpg]   [attachment=29343:Level 3.jpg]

Currently we are showcasing our game on Slide DB and have released a test build on the GooglePlay store, so sign up now as a tester and get the game for free! The game is still a work in progress so there may be some issues in-game but don't hold back on your feedback! We appreciate any and every comment on the game so don't sugarcoat it. For other information please go to our Facebook or Slide DB page using the links provided below.

Slide DBhttp://www.slidedb.com/games/curse-of-excalibur

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