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Maintaining Relative Position of Slider in a Window

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I've written an application framework suitable for use in a wide variety of desktop applications using GTKMM and the STL. Its a typical MVC pattern and I've added a few bells & whistles including a most recently used document list of my own design (I don't partiularly care for the one that comes with GTKMM, its seems to be a serialized stream that is shared among all GTKMM applications).


The problem I'm facing is the main view of my application has a divider bar separating two window, and if the app frame is re-sized the divider doesn't move relative to the frame, it stays in position reltive to the desktop. So if I resize the app frame small enough the divider dissappears.


I've tried adding code to my app's on_signal_resize event that calculates the main's geometry and moves the divider as a ratio of its position to the side of the frame, but its just not working. I don't know if I'm using the right event signal; as in: by the time the signal is sent the calculation is not valid, or I'm not sure what. Anyone got any expeience in such things? Is there another sevent signal I should be processing?

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