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X11 Client Events

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Techieman    276


my next milestone is to port the Window class (or better the Window_Impl class) to X11 but

I am uncertain how to catch and process events like "WM_CLOSE" known from WinAPI.


Are there even events like this in Linux/X11?



Sincerely Julien


P.S.: My team has a reason NOT to use GLFW etc. even if it's just personal preference.

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RamonG    106

Yes there are equivalent messages in X11. Take a look at the XNextEvent function. This function will be run in a loop like the WndProc function. It accepts an XEvent structure in which you can query the type field to determine which event (Expose (a.k.a Paint), Click, ect.) occurred.

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andrew111    310
Try this:
Display *display;
Window win;
Atom wmDelete;

void onInit() {
    wmDelete=XInternAtom(display, "WM_DELETE_WINDOW", True);
    XSetWMProtocols(display, win, &wmDelete, 1);

void onUpdate() {
    XEvent ev;

    while(XPending(display)) {

        if(ev.type==DestroyNotify) {
            //on exit

        if(ev.type==ClientMessage && (Atom)[0] == wmDelete) {
            //on close window

        XFreeEventData(display, &ev.xcookie);

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