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C++ mysql exception

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noatom    927

I use an insert command to insert data into a table. Now, I double check, and the table contains all the columns that I use in my command. I also checked, and the types of data I assign for the values to be inserted, match the type of data in the columns in the database.


The exception I get is:


Table has no partition for value 719528


Any idea what this means? 

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frob    44962

The message "Table has no partition for value xxx" is fairly self-explanatory, and should make sense immediately if you are familiar with SQL partitions already.


While I could take a more direct approach and ask more about your partitions, (um, perhaps you can SHOW how you CREATE your TABLE and describe your partitions wink.png )  we can also follow ApochPiQ's lead and ask what kind of terms you have searched for already.  :-)

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