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art works for freenlance

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Hello everyone:

I'd like to post some my art works ,and i'd like to know how much i could ask if taking freelance job.




more art work link:


I am glad to hear some feedback.

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Looks pretty good. All three pieces, all of them look clean and consistent.



As to your question, eeeeerrrhh... what exactly is the question? If your art is good enough for a freelancer? If someone on this board has a job for you? How to become a freelancer?


If your question is about the art being good enough, my answer would be "it depends". Don't get me wrong, your art is really good, but as a professional it is much more important to be efficient than being good. The best art will not find many customers if it takes you ages to finish.

Calculate how long a finished piece of art took you to create, decide how much you want to ask per hour (or per piece, depending on how you want to charge your clients), and see how expensive your art gets when combine that. Compare it to what other freelancers ask for their services (kinda hard to find I guess, other people here might be able to help you more than me).

If your prices are inline with others, you should do fine. If yours are cheaper than the ones from freelancers with similar output quality and stylewise, you might want to think about adjusting prices. It can be an advantage to be cheaper than others, but if you are much cheaper, you either might not have calculated your prices right (Are you sure your profit is high enough?), or you might at least send the wrong messages to your potential clients (you want to attract serious clients, not the ones looking for "bargain bin" services).


If the prices comes out much more expensive than what other freelancers charge, you might need to go back to the drawing board. Is your hourly rate off? Or are you just working too slow?



If you want to ask for a job, use the classifieds on this page. The forum is not the right place to either look for work or hire people.



If you want to ask about how to become a freelancer, I will have to pass. Other that are art freelancers will be able to help much better than me (programmer and hobby artist).




Anyway, I really like your art and wish you good luck on your possible future freelancing career!

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