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[HTML5/Phaser] In-depth Tutorial on Menu Navigation, Splash Screen, Preloading, Music and more!

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Hi all,


After last week's gamejam and diving head first into - I ventured into learning the state management system and creating a polished game menu system. I've learned quite a bit and I really want to share it with the community.


The tutorials exhaustively go over the creation, including set backs, common pitfalls, exercises and challenges for the reader, and I try to explain everything I am doing and why so it is taking a long time to create.


I have two chapters ready(more to come) on github along with the source code here:


You can also see the final product here:


PS: As I write the next chapters I'll be cleaning up the code that they cover.  So keep in mind if you venture past the tutorial the code is not clean.


Thanks and I hope this was the right place to post.  

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