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IdaLord (Age-of-Empires Clone as First Person Shooter)

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Hi community


I want to introduce IdaLord, an Age of Empires Clone that you play from the first person perspective.

You play as a lord of some little villagers and must command them to build houses, collect ressources and fight enemies on the map, just the game-style you know from real time strategy games such as Age of Empires.


All characters and trees in the game appear as old-school-styled 2d sprites that can be looked at from 8 directions, wich makes them easy to mod!




The game itself has come very far until today, random maps with beautiful landscapes create very fast, you can let your villagers walk around, collect ressources like rock or wood, build some buildings and of course create new villagers.


The name IdaLord consists of "idas", the name of those little characters and LORD...YOU! Hehehehe



give it a try and some feedback if you like.


An early alpha can be downloaded 





How to play:


W,A,S,D + Mouse for walking
Create units and buildings: E
Change weather: H
Have a little overview over the map: SPACE
Increase/decrease visibility range: +/-



Let me show you 2 screenshots:








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I uploaded a 3 minute gameplay of the actual alpha version on youtube.

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