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Thank you, guys (for my second game release)

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So yesterday I published my second game to Google Play Store, and I just wanted to thank you all guys for helping, supporting and entertaining me while I was in the process of development. Although my game isn't very technically advanced and doesn't have a deep story behind it, I still had to put a lot of work into it, perfecting, and polishing out every bug and imperfection. As it's my second release, I hope it will do better than my first one which only got 1000+ downloads (which is still awesome). 


Anyways, without you guys, this wouldn't be possible for me. Although I was lurking here most of the time and did little posting, I still experienced the deep connection you all guys have here, and this connection is what kept me going. So again big THANK YOU, for every single one of you. I hope that you guys stay the same throughout the years :)


So without further ado if anyone is interested in my game, it's called "Sqaurie" and you can find it on Google Play Store. I would be happiest person on the planet if any of you would try it out and gave me a little bit of feedback.



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